Friday, February 1, 2008

Reading What is the What...?

If you are reading our current book club book, What is the What by Dave Eggers, and would like to learn more about the Lost Boys of Sudan, below we have put together some additional resources (courtesy of Wikipedia) to aid you in your discovery.

Lost Boys of Sudan, official IRC website.
Lost Boys from the Red Cross.
Photojournalist's Account - Images of Sudan's displaced
God Grew Tired of Us - Excerpts from a documentary about the Lost Boys
Lost Boys Program Fresh Ministries'
Sudan Emancipation & Preservation Network (SEPNet)
Alliance For The Lost Boys
Sudanese Lost Boys Association of Australia
"Do Not Forget The Lost Girls of Sudan", Refugees International, February 11, 2002.
Gabriel's Dream A charity dedicated to securing education and dental care for the lost boys.
They Poured Fire on Us from the Sky Official book site